Square Baling

Bale sizes:

  • MF 2140 0.8m x 0.7m x 2.4m
  • MF 2170 1.2mx0.9mx2.4m
  • MF 2270 HD Rotocut 1.2m x 0.9m x 2.4m

All bale lengths can be varied from 1.2m-2.4m to suit application.

MF 2270 Fitted with chopper including and weigh cells for guaranteed bale quality. It can be fitted with 15 or 29 knives, giving a chop size down to 4cm.

Chopped silage ferments better by releasing sugars and mixes better in diet feeder wagons. Chopped straw absorbs moisture better, resulting in less straw required. It also makes a more consistent manure that is easier to spread.

Round Baling

Variable diameter balers cater for all customer needs.

Welger high density balers can consistently produce grass silage weights of 750kg/bale especially when chopped.

The advantages of chopping silage as it is baled, is that it increases the bale density, less air trapped in bale means it ferments quicker reducing ph so it becomes more stable so harmful bacteria can't reproduce as quick. The chopping also breaks the grass stem releasing sugars also speeding up the fermentation process. Chopped silage is easier to use in feeders especially for sheep.

Large diameter flotation wheels are fitted to all balers.

3 machines available.

Bale Clearance

Square - Transtacker designed to pick up all bale sizes and stack them efficiently greatly reducing compaction and time. It also has the ability to collect stacked bales from the field and move them to a better loading or storage area. Fitted on flotation tyres

Round - 10/20 bale machine. This machine can pick up 20 round bales of straw 1.2m-1.5m diameter or 10 bales of silage. It can collect 10 square bales of straw or silage. This machine will be able to keep the wrapper going with round or square bales when wrapping at the stack.

This machine is fitted with flotation wheels and is a great improvement on the old model.

Trailers - 3 trailers available on flotation tyres.

Bale Wrapping

Square - McHale 998 can wrap at the stack or in the field. All bale sizes catered for, up to 1.8m long. 2 NH 1270 can be wrapped together reducing film costs. 4-12 layers can be applied. The higher the dry matter the greater the number of layers. We recommend a minimum of 6 layers.

Round - McHale 991 high speed machine. Built on our own designed trailer we ensure the wrap is not damaged when the bale leaves the wrapper .It has its own self contained engine so the loader feeds the wrapper and stacks the wrapped bales on your chosen site.

Grass Services

Mowing & Conditioning - 6m unit to ensure grass is cut quickly when aiming at tight weather windows.

Tedding - Using hooked tines on our Lely machine it gives a superior sweep of the grass moving everything.

When making hay this design of tine ensures the greenest grass is thrown the furthest landing on the drier lighter grass, this can save up to a day when making hay.

Raking - 2 machines up to 9m wide.