Agricultural Contractor uk
  • 2 x 6 furrow plough fully mounted with hydraulic variwidth and break back bodies.
  • One plough fitted with built in press to save on cultivations

Minimal Tillage

Agricultural Contractor uk
  • 3m Plowman Omnitill- low soil disturbance leaving all the weathered soil where it should be. Fitted with seeder for establishing rape.


  • Sumo 5 leg subsoiler with hydraulic break back legs and packer roller.


  • Vaderstad Rexius Twin

For the heaviest soils. This press leaves primary cultivated land weather proof and ready to drill.

  • Vaderstad Carrier 5m for lighter soils and stubble cultivation with system disc and levelling board.


Drilling Drilling
  • Vaderstad Rapid

High output drilling with system disc and easy fill auger. This machine can also direct drill and we use it to stitch grass into existing sward saving a great deal of expense and allows stock to remain in field. Stubble turnips are also established with this drill and BHE always has seed available.

Liquid fertiliser can be applied especially suitable for oil seed rape and stubble turnips as we drill.

  • Lemken Solitar combination drill.

4m machine hydraulic folding, complete with disc coulters and pre-emergence markers.

A front mounted Guttler press and harrow ensures a one pass seed bed whatever the conditions.

Lime & Fertiliser Spreading

Lime Spreading

New for 2018 - Agrispread AS65 Lime and Fertiliser spreader, with weigh cells for variable rate applications and headland border control for fertiliser.

Full automatic on/off combined with Greenstar Autosteer gives accurate applications

Lime, Fibrophos,P-Grow all supplied in bulk at competitive rates


Kuhn Axis Spreader - 4 tonne spreader complete with weigh cells. GPS controlled with auto shut off and section control down to 3m. Autosteer ensures accurate application on grass. Variable rate applications can be made using customers maps.


Crop Spraying
  • Househam Merlin 24m self propelled with rowcrops

For high clearance work and flotation tyres for Autumn. Topcom GPS for automatic on off and section control reducing overlapping of agrochemicals

  • Gem 12m tractor mounted sprayer.

Suitable for small areas like grass paddocks and game plots.