Arable Farming

Holt Farms - Kirkbymoorside

Agricultural Contractor uk

In 2009 BHE took over the management of this 460ha arable farm. It is contract farmed. Crops include wheat, barley, oilseed rape, oats, fodderbeet and grass.

With a 7000 tonne grain storage and a weighbridge, the farm is well placed to accept crops from other farms and deals with crops from 2 other farms that BHE are farming.

Cultivations are based primarily around the plough but min till is used in certain situations.

With a large commercial shoot on the farm crop rotation has to reflect where the damage may occur and crops adjusted to suit.

Yield mapping is starting to build a picture of variables that can be managed far better.

GPS is used throughout the farming and contracting operations. Automatic on-off and section control is used. It is not only used for spraying and liquid fertiliser but solid fertiliser as well.

In 2012 a 50kw solar panel system was installed on the new grain store and a water harvesting and purpose built spray shed was built reducing the risk of pollution from accidental spillages.